2nd International Conference on Textile and Clothing


Department of Textiles [Download]
International Conference on Textile and Clothing [Download]

Session 1

Session Chair: Mr S.M. Qutub,The Textile Institute, Pakistan[Download]

Speakers Paper Title
Dr. Zubair Bandukda President TIP Karachi[Download] Concept and Importance of Research and Innovation- The Only Way to Survive under Present Circumstances
Dr. Faheem Udeen (Pakistan)[Download] Textile in Aerospace Applications
Mr. Asim Ahmed [Download] Agri-Textile- Its Importance in Pakistan Agriculture
Miss Faiza Jamil[Download] Importance of GeoTextile in Development of Pakistan

Session 2

Session Chair: Dr Faheem Udeen, University of Mangement and Technology, Pakistan[Download]

Speakers Paper Title
B. Voncina  (Slovenia, Europe) [Download] Cosmetotextiles
M. Salehi (Iran)[Download] The Effects of Shearing Time on Wool Characteristics in Baluchi Sheep
Dr. Umer Farooq  (UK) [Download] A Study of the Structural Porosity of Melt Blown Lyocel Fibres
Dr. Arshad Mehmood [Download] An Investigation of The Addition of Nicotinic Acid, as a Catalyst, to The Pad Liquor of a One-Pass Process for The Continuous Dyeing of Polyester/Cotton Blends.  

Session 3

Session Chair: Dr Tanveer Hussain, National Textile University Faisal[Download]

Speakers Paper Title
S. Ibrahim  (Czech Republic) [Download] Characterization of Basalt Filaments in Longitudinal Compression
Noman Haleem (Pakistan) [Download] Determination of Twist per Inch Value in Doubled Yarns Using Digital Image Processing Techniques
Mushtaq Mangat  (Pakistan) [Download] Technical Textile: A promising Future
Saad Nauman (Iran) [Download] Weaving of 3D Interlock Layer to Layer  Carbon-Glass Reinforcement on  a Conventional Loom

Session 4

Session Chair: Dr Amjid Hussain Delawari,Comsat Institute, Pakistan[Download]

Speakers Paper Title
Ms Fariha Arooj  (PU Pakistan) [Download] Irfan Ahmed Shaikh  (Pakistan) A Novel Approach for Bleaching  Cotton Substrate Including Surgical Cotton
Jausovec, B. Voncina  (Slovenia, Europe) [Download] The Antimicrobial Reagent Role on the Cellulose Degradation
Dr. Srawar Rana  (Pakistan) [Download] The Rotor Spinning of Long Staple Fibers: Experimental Investigations into Spinning of Wool, Problems Encountered and Tentative Remedies
Ibrahim Sayed [Download] Yarn Hairiness Complex Characterization

Session 5

Dr. Lubos Hes  (Czech Republic) [Download] Trends in User Friendly and Non-Destructive
Testing of Mecha-Nical and Comfort Properties of Textile Fabrics and Garments
Dr. Umer Farooq & Dr. Tahir Shah [Download] Innovation in Textiles: Trends and Challenges

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