2nd International Conference on Textile and Clothing


Conventional textile products are losing ground. The need to explore new areas of textile manufacturing can hardly be overemphasized. Technical Textiles is one of the most advanced and promising areas in textile manufacturing. It is believed that technical textiles will be one of the most prosperous industries in the coming years. Unfortunately, Pakistan is far behind in technical textiles. ICTC-2009 is a serious effort in Pakistan by the University of Management and Technology, Lahore, and the Textile Institute, UK, to explore business and value addition opportunities in technical textiles. ICTC-2009 will provide you a platform for cross-fertilization of ideas through meaningful interaction of scholars, practitioners and experts already working in this area or who have a stake in this key sector. You can also find out how to convert your existing products line into technical textiles. We strongly believe that it is the right time to enter into the technical textile business. Your participation in this conference is the first step towards the bright future of Technical Textiles.


As a premier industry, Pakistan textile always played a pivotal role to drive national economy. Its predominant presence in the economy is manifested in terms of its significant contribution to industrial production, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings.

With rapid technological advancements and changes in life style, textile sector has also realized the need to respond to these changes by modifying its approach towards production, customers, and services. One of the most significant phenomenon is the emergence of technical textile to meet diversified needs of customers in the global market. Keeping in view the emerging competition at global level in general and Asia in particular, Pakistan has to make tremendous efforts to maintain its edge and position. This is possible with the induction of modern technologies, latest textile processing techniques and specialized skills. To ensure being on the right track at the right time, we need to shift from conventional textiles to technical textiles and knowledge-based value-added products. ICTC-2009 as a ground breaking event will bring together stakeholders from industry, academia and state institutions to address the problems being faced by the textile industry of Pakistan and arrive at a strategic resolve to come out of this impasse and benefit from our strength in textiles as the mainstay of Pakistan economy.


ICTC-2009 is being organized on one of the most promising areas of the textile sector i.e. Technical Textiles, a sector with more than 10% annual growth and a US$ 12billion share in the international market. Unfortunately, Pakistan has no share in technical textiles which calls for a serious effort to develop technical textiles in Pakistan. ICTC-2009 will provide a platform to scholars and practitioners to present their research findings and share innovative ideas in order to define and lead change in this sector.


  1. Projection of true value attached to technical textile as the major source of competition among textile players.
  2. Promotion of smart textiles supported by modern technologies, equipments and innovative textile processing techniques through induction of specialized skills and high tech materials
  3. Founding a baseline for textile manufacturers by highlighting new trends in standardization through innovations, research and development to reduce dependence on traditional means and mechanisms of textiles.
  4. Guiding and encouraging state institutions and concerned stakeholders to provide incentives and favorable environment for promotion of technical textiles.
  5. Bridging the gap and furthering the level of interaction between industry and academia through joint ventures of research and development as well as resource mobilization in textile.

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