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Textile Laboratories/Studios

Laboratory work is an essential part of the textile curriculum at UMT.

Excellent laboratories and Studios facilities are available in the School of Design and Textile (SDT) to assist the engineering and science students. Laboratories are available for conducting BS-level experiments in different areas. Plans are in the process of establishing laboratories for postgraduate research work in the very near future. Laboratories are being expanded according to an approved development plan. Presently, the following laboratories and Studios are available:


Room No.
Labs Name
203 Interior Studio I
204 Drawing Studio I
205 Computer Lab
206 Graphic Studio I
207 Computer Lab
208 Design Studio I
210 Fashion/Textile Lab
212 Textile Design Studio I
108 Physical Testing Lab
109 Sewing Lab
110 Weaving Lab-A
111 Weaving Lab-B
112 Fashion Lab
107 Drawing Studio Lab

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