6th International Conference on Textile and Clothing

About conference

6th International Conference on Textile and Clothing is the sequel of its fifth predecessors organized by School of Textile and Design of University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. A large number of participants including academicians, researchers, experts, scientists and marketing and management professionals have contributed in the previous fifth conferences. The events were a big success that contributed a lot in the fields of textile and clothing after providing an opportunity to sit together and discuss the issues in hand.

At the 6th ICTC- 2019 we are again expecting a variety of presenters representing a wide range of textile and fashion design disciplines, expressing divergent views, searching for common ground, and creating the synergies that can inspire multi-disciplinary collaborations in order to develop the relationships. The role of the social networking is strengthened as we take our place at the table, along with scholars in science, engineering and business for seeking solutions to the complex issues and problems of the 21st century.

ICTC 2019 will address these various dimensions of textile technologies and processes as we invite renowned scientists and experts from around the world to address questions and search for synergies and solutions to the complex issues surrounding technology in a forum encouraging serious and thoughtful exchange between academic members of the global business community and practitioners in the fields of industry, business and environment. Hereby, we invite renowned scientists from around the globe to meet and share their respective outlooks and collective wisdom on critical issues of common concerns.

Chief Patron

Dr. Muhammad Aslam

Rector UMT

Chief Organizer 

Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Hasan Malik 

Dean (STD)

Conference Secretary

Dr. Mudassar Abbas

Associate Professor (STD)

Ms. Faiza Anwar

Lecturer (STD)

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Hasan Malik
  • Dr. Mudassar Abbas
  • Dr. Ahmed Faisal Imtiaz Siddiqi
  • Dr. Ahsan Nazir
  • Dr. Abdur Rehman
  • Dr. Sammia Shahid
  • Dr. Sohail Nadeem
  • Dr. Yasir Nawab
  • Dr. Zafar Javed
  • Dr. Zulfiqar Ali 
  • Mr. Adil Masood Qazi 
  • Mr. Asim Siddiqui
  • Mr. Ahmad Fraz 
  • Mr. Umair Mukhtar
  • Ms. Faiza Anwar
  • Ms. Aleena Shoukat
  • Ms. Sidra Batool
  • Ms. Anika Sitara
  • Ms. Amna Manzoor
  • Ms. Amna Aziz
  • Ms. Amna Khalid

Organizing Committee

Ms. Ayesha Hashami

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